Workplace Study

2017 Workplace Study

Date extended—take the survey today,
so we can hear your perspective!

Camber Outdoors is conducting a comprehensive survey of individuals who work in the active-outdoor industries and we want to hear from you about your workplace experiences. We are looking for responses from both women and men and your feedback is very important to us!

Please take a moment (OK, 15 minutes, tops) to complete this survey before April 12th. You’ll earn our undying gratitude and a chance to win a trip for two down the Lower Salmon River with our wonderful partner OARS (valued at $2,446).

You don’t have to be a Camber Outdoors member to take the survey, and we’d be thrilled if you’d forward the survey along to your friends and colleagues in the active-outdoor industries, so they can take it, too. All responses are anonymous.

In 2012, Camber Outdoors launched the initial study designed to provide perceptions of the state of gender diversity in the active-outdoor industries. Results of the study have served as a tool for measuring impact on gender diversification and perceptions along with an educational tool around the topic of gender equity in the industries.

2012 Workplace Study

Results of the 2017 Workplace study will be release Summer 2017 with a comprehensive overview via webinar Fall 2017.

Respondents felt Camber Outdoors could have the most immediate impact on workplace gender diversity by:

Championing companies that are excellent places to work for both genders
Highlighting best practices when it comes to gender diversity retention and advancement
Helping members navigate opportunities via professional development and leadership training

Thank you to our supporting partners: OARS, Interbike, Malakye, OIA, and Outdoor Retailer
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Contest Rules and Regulations

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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