Workplace Equity Working Group

Workplace Equity Working Group

Bringing together peers, key stakeholders, and competitors to work in collaboration to create an index of agreed upon Equity and Inclusion workplace practices that accelerate diversity of representation and experience in the active-outdoor industries. 

Under the Workplace Equity Working Group (WEWG), brands, retailers, and key stakeholders are joining together to identify and measure their inclusive and equitable workplace efforts to accelerate greater diversity of representation, experience, and perspectives at the leadership level and to  drive impacts on an industry scale like never before.

The resulting Index will include policy, processes, brand, and cultural tools that  establish an agreed upon framework to measure inclusivity and equity efforts. With the index, companies will be addressing, at an industry-level inefficiencies, resolving unfair practices, and working to achieve the social transparency employees and consumers are demanding. By joining forces, we will accelerate the urgent, systemic opportunities that require partnerships and collaboration to be successful..

Brands + Retailers + Manufacturers
Liaisons from partner companies who can speak to or are responsible for workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and commit to transparency, the sharing of best practices, and making meaningful improvements on their journey to equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Service Providers, Academic Institutions, Affiliates, NGOs
Academia, NGOs, service providers, and foundations play a vital role in sharing research results, offering recommendations for best practices, and provide a crucial perspective to help the WEWG see a broader picture.

Because we are collectively building the expertise, we look to our partners to suggest additional participants and subject matter experts to accelerate the learning and knowledge where the industry may have gaps.

Camber Outdoors is convening corporate partner liaisons and key stakeholders to create an industry approved index for what constitutes equitable and inclusive workplaces where a diversity of experiences and people lead.

Modeled after OIA’s Sustainability Working Group that eventually created the HIGG Index, collaboration and the space to be heard is the foundation of the Workplace Equity Working Group (WEWG). The WEWG will be a confidential, constructive, and thoughtful space where peers and competitors can work together in to further accelerate impactful change across the active-outdoor industries.

Harvey Floyd II

Scholar and practitioner, Harvey Floyd II, has depth of knowledge and experience in organizational and workplace change to guide us through the initial work of building a solid foundation of shared understandings and goals.

Since the launch of the CEO Pledge in January 2015, Camber Outdoors heard time and again that our partners want to learn from each other on what works and what doesn’t work in efforts to accelerate progress under their commitment. As we researched  the best mechanism to facilitate this collaboration, we realized that the industry had already built a viable model in the Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) Sustainability Working Group that created the HIGG Index.

In early 2017, Camber Outdoors’ created a CEO Advisory Council, to offer guidance to the organization on priorities and timelines. In August 2017, Camber Outdoors convened members of our board of directors, CEOs from our Peak Partners, and the CEO Advisory Council for a CEO Roundtable. At that gathering we reaffirmed Camber Outdoors’ strength as convener under the creation of the Workplace Equity Working Group­. We discussed and molded the creation of a repository of best practices– a Center of Influence, where partners could easily search how other companies have addressed and solved for specific opportunities to increase workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity. The group also understood the limitations of a gender-only focus and asked Camber Outdoors to explore how elements of diversity intersect with gender identity and expression- ethnicity and race, culture, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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