Employer Tools & Workplace Equity Resources

Employer Tools & Workplace Equity Resources

The following tools have been curated to help companies in the active-outdoor industries effectively navigate the DEI space.

When leveraged, this expansive collection of resources can support inclusion, equity and diversity efforts to realize active-outdoor industries truly for everyone.

Employee Resource Groups

Five Easy Ways: Leaders Can Ensure That Diverse Voices Are Heard in Meetings
Interrupting Interruption – According to Harvard Business Review, research shows that men are more likely than women to dominate conversations in meetings, and that “fully half of women report being interrupted in meetings at a higher rate than their male peers are.” One reason: Bias in the workplace that causes people to view interruptions by women as less acceptable than interruptions by men. But studies show that well-managed diverse groups outperform homogeneous ones in creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving. Organizations only lose if diverse voices aren’t heard.

As we strive to create inclusive and equitable workplaces, here are five strategies that your company leadership can use to ensure that diverse voices are heard in meetings.

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Five Critical Steps: Laying the Groundwork Before Starting an ERG
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led workplace networks formed around shared identities, special interests, or life experiences, including ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, or any other defining characteristic. ERGs foster an inclusive workplace, support the professional development of a diverse workforce, and increase business impact.

In the rush to take meaningful action in response to the recent acts of systemic racism and police brutality against the Black community, many companies are rushing to form ERGs.

Although the formation of ERGs is an important step, here are five key steps that need to be taken first.

Camber Outdoors Five Critical Steps: Laying the Groundwork Before Starting an ERG - DEI Building Blocks

Workplace Anti-Racism

Five Guiding Questions: Evaluating Healthy Workplaces that Respect, Empower and Include
Our Camber Outdoors Workplace Anti-Racism Agenda, a three-stage framework of LEARN + ACT + CHANGE, supports companies in addressing the racism, bias, and brutality that confront Black communities and other communities of color by creating inclusive workplaces.

As a foundational step, use these Five Guiding Questions to guide internal discussions as you evaluate your starting point as a workplace that respects, empowers, and includes.

We developed these questions in collaboration with our strategic partner C.N.Kinder, Inc., a recognized corporate social responsibility and communications consultancy whose founder played a key role in the Press Office of First Lady Michelle Obama and has led communications strategy for President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and the Walt Disney Company.

Camber Outdoors Five Guiding Anti-Racism Questions: Evaluating Healthy Workplaces that Respect, Empower and Include

Workplace Anti-Bias

BIASED – Uncovering Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think and Do by Prof. Jennifer Eberhardt

Robin DiAngelo.
 White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (Summary and Analysis)

McKinsey & Co. Delivering Through Diversity Report

McKinsey & Co. Women in the Workplace 2019

FSG. The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity

Wall Street Journal. The Inclusion Imperative: Redefining Leadership September 2018.

Boston Consulting Group. How Diverse Teams Boost Innovation January 2018. 

CultureAmp. Technology Industry Diversity and Inclusion Report 2016-17.  

Harvard Business Review. Deloitte’s Radical Attempt to Reframe Diversity August 2017.

Deloitte. The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths

Bloomberg. Gender Quality Index

Medium. Intersectionality 101: Why ‘We’re Focusing on Women’ Doesn’t Work for Diversity and Inclusion

Medium. Compilation of Diversity and Inclusion Business Case Research


Garner ongoing employee feedback on inclusive culture, equitable systems, and career development. Coming Soon.


How to Host a Gender-Inclusive Event
by Gender Equity Consultant Lila Leatherman

SMARTIE Goals Worksheet
A framework for defining organizational goals and having them be effective, from The Management Center.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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