2018 Thought Leader Keynote

2018 Thought Leader Keynote

Camber Outdoors Thought Leader Keynote featuring Steve Rendle, Chairman and CEO of VF Corporation

Camber Outdoors Thought Leader Keynote features Steve Rendle, Chairman and CEO of VF Corporation who will talk about the role and responsibility of Purpose-led companies and the importance of helping to advance inclusion and diversity throughout the outdoor industry. We will also hear from Rue Mapp, CEO and founder of Outdoor Afro, on the success of Outdoor Afro in cultivating leadership through a connection to nature and the relationships that have been instrumental along the way.

VF and its many iconic brands, including The North Face, JanSport, Eagle Creek, Smartwool, Timberland, Icebreaker, and Reef are known for their work to ensure the outdoors is accessible to all, and for their unwavering commitment to reflect the demographics of participants within their workforce. Please join us to hear Rendle’s first public speech outlining his leadership philosophy and the impact it will have on the active-outdoor industries.

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Rue Mapp | CEO + Founder of OutdoorAfro

Steve Rendle | Chairman and CEO of VF Corporation

Leaders in the active-outdoor industries engage in a peer-to-peer dialogue at Camber Outdoors Keynotes, intended to explore business modernization and sustainable growth through leadership diversity and inclusion. In previous years, attendees have benefited from the insights of trailblazers such as Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario, REI Co-op CEO Jerry Stritzke, former backcountry.com CEO Jill Layfield, and former Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf.

The thread that connects each presentation is that presenters speak from their own experiences and focus on what is important to themselves and their businesses. 

Keynotes provide a forum for leaders from the active-outdoor industries to explore the impact of greater leadership diversity in the workplace and share their success. Reaching audiences of over 500 attendees, speakers pull from their own experiences and focus on the core values that drive their business successes.

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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