Amy Luther

Director of Member Strategy and Engagement

Amy Luther is the Director of Member Strategy and Engagement. Amy is a connector, change maker and builder of inclusive workplace cultures.

In this role, she provides current Camber partners advice and guidance, helping them to leverage Camber’s expertise and resources to create inclusive workplace systems. For potential partners, she shares resources, values and importance of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Amy is an authentic relationship builder, and has a unique skill set that allows her to meet companies where they are at. She supports small organizations to large companies with 500+ employees to guide them through resource engagement that best supports their internal DEI initiatives. 

Amy is an industry veteran and is invested in seeing the sustainability and success of the outdoor recreation economy. She has certifications in mentoring program management, change management systems, women’s leadership development and DEI building block series.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography with an emphasis in GIS from the University of Utah. She lives in the mountains with her two amazing children teaching them the importance of being outside and creating a world where inclusion and equity matter.

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