• Managing Up: Tools and Insights for Improving Stakeholder Relationships

    This webinar, facilitated by Judy Issokson, Ed.D., Principal of Issokson and Associates, will offer you tools and insights for improving stakeholder relationships through influencing skills and clarifying context— particularly when Managing Up and Managing Across the organization.

  • Expert Tips on Finding and Keeping a Mentor

    In this session, Wilma Wallace, General Counsel at REI Co-op, will share advice and guidance to those who currently have a mentor as well as to those who are looking for one. Ms. Wallace has mentored many leaders throughout her career, and she has a perspective valuable to women in the outdoor industry who are serious about advancing their careers.

  • Retail Sales Trends in the Active-Outdoor Industries

    In a world that’s changing at an unprecedented speed, staying on top of sales trends can be tricky. But paying attention to trends and the health of our industries is vital to business success. This webinar will highlight the 2018 retail sales trends in the active-outdoor industries.

  • How To Ace That Next Big Presentation

    You’re likely presenting all the time. In meetings, in front of customers, to the media – even in your annual review. But, a few bad habits can ruin your best pitch. In this Webinar, you’ll get five tips you can use every day to be crisp, clear, and memorable, long after you’ve stopped speaking.

  • The Power and Practice of Collaboration

    For over three decades, organizational development research has shown that teams made up of individuals with a range of training, expertise, and demographics (including gender and racial/ethnic identity) develop better solutions to problems. This webinar explores frameworks and real-life examples of the leadership practice of collaboration.

  • Three Guiding Principles for a Fulfilling, Balanced, and Successful Career

    Nora H. Stowell's captivating presentation will highlight her experiences of personal and professional values alignment, career ambitions, and purposeful engagement.

  • Strengths-Based Leadership

    Rather than deficit-based approaches which seek out problems, strengths-based leadership asks all stakeholders to find and use inherent organizational strengths.

  • #MeToo & #HowIWillChange: Evolving Workplace Culture

  • Women in the Workplace: 2017 Study Results Are In!

  • ME, Inc.: Stepping into your Potential

  • Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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