• Now That You’re a Manager

    Whether you’ve recently been promoted, are aspiring to become a manager, or have been one for quite a while, this webinar is for you. Featuring Katie Thompson, Product Development and Manufacturing Manager for Burley Design. Read our five key takeaways, glean new resources, and watch the full, hour-long talk.

  • Webinar: Finding and Keeping a Mentor

    Wilma Wallace shares advice and guidance to those who currently have a mentor and to those who are seeking one.

  • Webinar: Presentation Skills Development

    Evan Torrance provides key tips on crafting and delivering a stellar presentation.

  • Developing Your Leadership Style

    Elysa Walk, General Manager of Burton Snowboards, discusses the skills she's honed to develop her leadership style.

  • Top Skills to Develop to Become a CEO

    Candie Fisher, Founder of Candie Fisher Recruiting & Consulting and former CEO, discusses the key skills needed to excel as a leader and ways to hone these skills as you progress to the executive level.

  • Retail Sales Trends

    Julia Day, Executive Director of Business Development at NPD Group, provides current realities and future possibilities for our industries, our customers, and our businesses.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Alison Sawdey from W.L. Gore & Associates discusses the company's well-known and highly-regarded feedback culture and provides practical advice and tips to incorporate feedback in your team or company.

  • Fundamentals of Team Management

    Tarja Dye, EVP of Corporate and Social Responsibility at Barebones Living, will unpack YOUR team challenges during this webinar which covers the good, bad, and ugly of teams and provides guidance for any team member regardless of your role.

  • Self Awareness, Presence, and Emotional Intelligence

    The Greening Youth Foundation’s Eboni Preston presents on the importance of self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness in the workplace.

  • Building Your Personal Development Plan

    In this webinar, we explore what we know from psychology and habit formation to understand how best to craft and execute a personal development plan.

  • Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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