Emily Morris

Emily Morris

Communications Coordinator

Emily Morris thrives on creativity and brings thought processes from her time exploring architecture, graphic design, journalism and marketing to the Camber Outdoors team. She realized her destiny of transferring to the active-outdoor industry through a series of thought-provoking encounters, conversations, mentors and wilderness journeys that she is eternally grateful for.

If you can’t find her anywhere, it’s probably because she is exploring the canyons of Utah, the crags of Colorado, the peaks of Peru or the Fjords of Iceland. Emily lives for whacky-spontaneous trips around the world, but will always come back home to the Rocky Mountains and copper canyons of the West where her passion for adventure began. Climbing and canyoneering make her the happiest, but any time spent with good friends under wide skies does the trick. You’ll find her dwelling up and down the Front Range of Colorado where the collection of people and memories she loves has been growing for her entire life.

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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