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April 5-7, 2022

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Hear from Camber's Voices From The Future of Work

The Voices from the Future of Work program engages talent from underrepresented groups in conversations about barriers to entry in workplaces of the Outdoor Recreation Economy.  This includes a robust discussion of equitable systems, inclusive culture, and opportunities for leadership and employee peers to build workplaces that work for all.

In addition, the primary video content of The Voices from the Future of Work – Black Voices come with a supportive playbook of data, tools, and resources in which all levels of leadership can be equipped to understand the systems-focused opportunities to attract and retain each group of prospective underrepresented talent. 

The Voices from the Future of Work program will produce candidate-ready environments for all.  In the competitive talent landscape, attracting and retaining diverse talent is key to the success of the Industry and to the outdoors more broadly.

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Who We Are

Camber is a national nonprofit supporting workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity across the active-outdoors industries. We work with partners to build equitable systems, a strong network of talent, and inclusive leadership practices to inspire workplaces truly for everyone.

Camber was initially developed to serve the industry by promoting the advancement of women through programming focused on the opportunity and impact of female leadership. In 2018, Camber expanded its focus to embrace a holistic vision of DEI, resulting in new leadership on executive and board levels.  The organization is now led by Co-CEOs Emily Newman and Renita Smith, who bring deep experience in workforce access, community engagement, and corporate strategy to Camber, along with a board of directors who represent many facets and perspectives of the industry and a team of content-area experts.

Who We Serve

The number of Camber partners has grown by nearly 50% in the past 2 years.  Currently, Camber serves over three hundred partners who range from nonprofit organizations and leading industry associations to small businesses and Fortune 100 corporations. In addition, nonprofits in the environmental space – who have long struggled with workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion – are fully sponsored to participate by corporate Industry Transformational Leader donations.

Camber and our partners share a commitment to taking action and implementing organizational change that creates inclusive cultures and equitable systems and ultimately attracts and retains a diversity of talent at workplaces across the Outdoor Recreation Economy.

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Voices From the Future of Work - Black Voices

For Black Voices, we spoke to a cross-section of Black job seekers from outside of the Outdoor Recreation Economy to gain their perspectives on what makes a workplace inclusive, equitable, — and attractive to a diversity of talent.


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The Camber Community is made up of 200+ Partners and 11,000+ employees who come to this work from different positions of readiness, with a growing understanding of opportunities, and with a shared commitment to progress.