Remote and hybrid work models are here… and here to stay

Posted On October 18, 2021

In the past year organizations across the globe have announced their new remote or hybrid work models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the initial period of remote work in early 2020, many corporations and nonprofits – including many in the Outdoor Recreation Economy – took notice of the adaptability of teams and productivity that resulted from these newer work models.

Today, 73 percent of workers across all industries want employers to continue to expand hybrid and work-from-home opportunities, and 42 percent of employees say they will look for a new employer if they do not see employer commitment to exploring new workplace model options. 

Clearly, hybrid and remote work is here to stay. But there are vitally important questions that remain about how these models will enable workplace diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI). 

To support workplace DEI in remote and hybrid workplaces, leaders at all levels should consider: 

C-Suite Leaders

  • As we put new processes in place with remote and hybrid teams, are we building equitable systems that foster participation and input across all employees? 
  • How are project teams being assembled — and are expectations of inclusion being articulated as those teams are developed?

Middle Management Leaders

  • How do systems for employee recognition and reward need to evolve across those who will not be full-time in office or who may be fully virtual while others are sometimes in-person?  
  • How will leadership styles need to adapt to ensure that diverse and underrepresented talent thrive in remote and hybrid workplaces?
  • What steps must organizations take to create a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging when employees are not working in shared spaces?

Emerging Leaders and Frontline Employees

  • How can organizations ensure equity of opportunity for professional development and advancement?

Inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces are more important than ever in this era of remote and hybrid work. Organizations can reap the benefits and overcome the challenges of remote hybrid models if they leverage Camber resources, tools, and support to create workplaces that attract and retain a diversity of talent, foster employee engagement, and ensure equal opportunity for development and advancement for all.

Join us as we explore the implications and DEI hybrid work model solutions in our NEXT blog in our Remote and Hybrid DEI Blog Series; and look out for our new Camber Building Blocks and other resources to be introduced in 2022.


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