Camber Programs support our Partners in accelerating workplace change through inclusive cultures, equitable systems, and a diversity of talent.

Camber Partners and their team members activate to gain access to tools and resources tailored to their leadership levels. Team members engage in Camber Programs all year long to achieve Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) impact at scale.

Camber Programs are tailored to your organization’s unique position around diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We created a Diversity Maturity Journey Assessment Tool to serve as the starting point in developing your corporation’s roadmap to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.

Team members earn badges as they complete learning modules.

Not a Camber Partner? Explore our unlocked samples of selected Programs below.

Camber Building Block Series

It all starts with each foundational “Building Block” learning module that contains an informative guide, an insightful podcast, and an actionable tool for implementing Workplace DEI fundamentals.

Join us on a step-by-step “Block-by-Block” journey toward a high-performing inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace. 

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All Levels

Building Blocks of DEI Series

Build your organization’s competency and create inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces through our foundational Building Blocks.

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Voices From The Future of Work

Voices of various underrepresented talent discussing the opportunities that lie ahead for building thriving workplaces.

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Senior Level

The Apex Series

Discover thoughtfully crafted  resources that  inform, inspire, and engage CEOs and members of the C-Suite on vital  inclusion, equity, and diversity topics.

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All Levels

Workplace Anti-Racism Action Agenda

Address systemic racism in Outdoor Recreation Economy workplaces through our three-stage framework of LEARN + ACT + CHANGE.

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All Levels

Mentoring, Sponsorship & Allyship

Tap into resources on mentoring, sponsorship, and allyship and explore Camber’s Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring Program.

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Diverse Talent Pipeline Learning Sprint

Activate systems of workplace inclusion and equitable recruiting, hiring, and retention to support, retain, and engage diverse pools of talent.

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Available to Non-Partners

Workplace Anti-Racism Progress Report

The purpose of this critical document is to ensure success through access to this tailored guidance to support you in your next steps towards your DEI goals.


All Levels

Results & Insights

Camber and Claremont Evaluation Center will soon deliver our two-part Camber Survey System, comprised of both our Organizational Workplace and Employee Surveys.

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All Levels

Learning Infographics

Camber supports organizations industry-wide with Camber Learning Infographics to quickly master key concepts for building inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces.

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All Levels

Workplace DEI Leadership Institute

Equip leaders with the skills needed to foster inclusion, equity, and diversity at every leadership level.

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DEI Maturity Journey Assessment Tool


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