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Supporting the Development of Innovative Small Businesses in the Active-Outdoor Industries – and the Women Who Lead Them

Camber Outdoors’ Pitchfest is the only dedicated channel to inspire and drive innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among women with a passion for the outdoors.  Women-led small businesses showcase their work and growth plans to some of the active-outdoor industry’s most influential CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. The event takes place the day before each Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow.

Finalists are chosen based on the strength of their application, involvement/impact on the outdoor experience, knowledge of their business, and understanding of growth hurdles. Once chosen, finalist are paired with a mentor to help prepare their pitch. Pitchfest finalists will identify, frame, and articulate challenges and solutions to current business growth. The judges then offer live feedback on their challenges and next steps. The event is followed by a reception and a chance to make connections with industry leaders in attendance.

2016 Finalists

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Sarah Smith, Co-Founder

Catharine Arnston, Founder

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

Suzanne Solsona

Sarah Knapp

Maria Boustead

Nicole Bassett

Allyson Leang

“Without an organization like OIWC willing to support women like me, I may have never had the opportunity to share the MaskIT story in front of such an incredibly respected group of people/judges.  I may have never had the opportunity to meet so many other inspiring women entrepreneurs or made connections that I’m sure will be invaluable.”
–Shallan Ramsey, Founder and CEO MaskIT, 2015 Pitchfest finalist

“Pitchfest gave me an incredible opportunity to expose my business to some of the most respected leaders in the industry. The mentorship experience and the connections that I made during the event will absolutely contribute to my success in growing BlokRok.”
–Arianna, Founder and CEO BlokRok, 2015 Pitchfest finalist

Camber Outdoors Pitchfest:
Transforming the outdoor industry through fresh thinking and incomparable talent.

Funded in part by:
The REI Foundation’s Mary Anderson Legacy Grant and the Meineke Family Foundation.