Betsy Curtin

Betsy Curtin

Marketing Manager

Betsy brings more than a decade of active outdoor industries recruiting experience to the Camber Outdoors team.  She built relationships with people and companies – helping individuals develop/rework their resumes and plot career paths, and helping companies attract and recruit the right talent for their teams.

She landed her first job in the active outdoor industries in 2004 at a recruiting agency in Portland, Oregon. A few years later, she and a partner started their own firm and simultaneously joined an outdoor industry group focused on helping women in the industry. As a volunteer and eventually on the board of directors, she was focused on professional development initiatives – from building a guide to “Turning your passion into your profession,’ to spearheading a women’s executive leadership roundtable. That outdoor industry group was called OIWC, today it’s Camber Outdoors.

After leaving the world of recruiting to start a family, Betsy got back into the workforce as a social media producer and digital marketing team member for a healthcare organization. Knowing it’s not always easy to jump back in after time away, working in a new industry allowed her to build and hone marketing and communications skills in the digital environment. While that was exciting for nearly 4 years, the new skills she acquired paved the road back to Camber Outdoors. Betsy is ready to help Camber Outdoors and our partners build a strong network of talent, increase equity and build inclusion into their company cultures.

Betsy lived on the west coast in the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area before returning to her home town near Scranton, PA, with her partner Charlie and their two adorable sons.

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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