The MENtor Allyship 201 Program is an advanced Inclusive Leadership program for mentors who completed our pilot or MENtor Allyship 101 Program. You will be guided by, global DEI expert, Rania Anderson and provided with practical, evidence-based best practices that enable you to improve your organization’s success through increased diversity and inclusion, You will learn how to intentionally move from interpersonal allyship to organizational and industry transformation and from mentorship to sponsorship. During the program, you will also identify and make a process or area within your company more equitable as well as mentor/sponsor a high-potential woman to position her for advancement.


Executive leader (vice president-level and above) who identify as male.


Senior leader (director-level) who identify as female. Mentors will work with their own human resources and senior leadership to identify a potential mentee/protege within their own company. 

Time commitment:

Total Program session: 8 hours with additional application work and mentoring. Camber learning events are Phase I trainings sessions for mentors (two sessions for 1.5 hours each), a Phase II sponsor/protege workshop for mentors and mentees (two hours), office hours/executive coaching for mentors (two sessions for one hour each), and a summation/graduation for mentors and mentees (one hour). Mentors will also:

  1. Take a self assessment.
  2. Identify and work on an internal process at their organization to make more equitable.  
  3. Present their progress to their peers in the final session.
  4. Meet with their mentees/proteges at least one or two times a month using the guidance previously received from the pilot or MENtor Allyship 101 Program.

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