The MENtor Allyship 101 Program engages senior leaders at our Camber Partner companies who identify as men to build skills and deliver systemic change through mentoring informed by diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles. This program advances system change ambassadors through the acquisition of the following skills: allyship literacy, mentoring fundamentals, gender and intersectional fluency, and effective communication with women-identified colleagues. Mentors and mentees gain insight into the fundamentals of excellent allyship, mentorship, and sponsorship based on research and organizational best practices, mentors learn from their mentees through reverse mentoring, and mentees have an opportunity to bolster their career aspirations with the help of mentors. This program is facilitated by Dr. Brad Johnson and Dr. David Smith, leading authors and researchers in the areas of gender in the workplace, mentoring, cross-gender allyship, professional ethics, and counseling from the United States Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University. 


Executive leader (vice president-level and above) who identify as male.


Senior leader (director-level and above) who identify as female.

Time commitment:

The mentoring journey is an average of three hours per month, for three months, for a total of nine hours. Camber learning events are Phase I trainings sessions for mentors (two sessions for 1.5 hours each), a Phase II mentoring workshop for mentors (one hour), a Phase II mentoring workshop for mentees (one hour), office hours for mentors (two sessions for 30 minutes each), and a summation/graduation for mentors and mentees (one hour).  

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