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The Camber Outdoors community includes everyone from active-outdoor companies and nonprofits to industry CEOs, executives, employees, guides, athletes, and women and men who believe in the vision of Everyone’s Outdoors. We are people and companies who are committed to supporting and accelerating women’s leadership and participation in the outdoors—from the backcountry to the boardroom—and who are passionate about being outside. Join us today.

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Corporate Employee Membership:

Employees of Camber Outdoors corporate partners can activate their complimentary membership here. 

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Professional and student members have access to Camber Outdoors programs, community, and resources for $95/year.

Member Benefits

Access to the Camber Outdoors Member Directory
Exclusive Leadership Development Webinars
Access to Professional Mentoring Program
Special rate of $50 for an annual subscription to SNEWS (valued at $195)
Invitations to Camber Exchange events
Special rate of $49 for SmartMouth Communications OnDemand “Presentation” course (valued at $79)
Discounts on hundreds of brands through Outdoor Prolink
25% off FromWithin Coaching services
25% off Bronwen Jewelry (excluding Global Market and Sale items)
10% off Wheelhouse Workshops
Three-issue free trial to SAM (Ski Area Management) magazine
25% off an annual subscription to Mis­ad­ven­tures

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Join our community of women and men who love being outside and active and believe in a future of Everyone’s Outdoors.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner? Contact Sallie Hoefer for more information.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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