Pitchfest FAQ

Pitchfest FAQ

What criteria do applicants need to meet in order to apply?

- Submit a 2-minute video along with your application no later than March 15 (deadline extended)

- Identify as a Founder, Entrepreneur, Business Owner and/or Innovator

- Agree to commit to the program and attend weekly meetings, mentorship activities and be engaged in the full 10-week program.

- Confirm that you can attend and participate in the pitch practice, as well as the Pitch Event on Day 0 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (June 17, 2019)

- Commit to creating a supportive environment with other entrepreneurs and leaders and giving back to the Pitchfest and Camber Outdoors community

- Actively seek candid feedback, mentorship and learning opportunities through Pitchfest

- Has launched and has plans to scale their business – in size, impact and/or scope

- Identify as a womxn and/or minority and their business is 1/3 womxn– and/or minority-owned and led.

- Committed to implementing the Camber Outdoors mission of equity for all in the outdoors and equity for all in their company.

- Their company is related to the active-outdoor industries

I do not identify as a woman or a minority. Can I still apply?

No. To apply you must identify as a womxn and/or minority AND your business is 1/3 womxn– and/or minority-owned and led.

I am not the founder, but I am a co-founder. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply if you are a co-founder, your business is at least 1/3 womxn- or minority--owned, and a womxn and/or person of color is a key leader(ex. CEO, president).

Does my company need to have generated revenue in order to be eligible to apply?

We require that companies have proven market traction and initial revenue. Revenue means that at least one consumer has bought your product/service and/or you have outside investors. Market traction includes awards, letters of intent, funding, track record with similar businesses, partnerships, etc.

My business is not product based. Can I still apply?

Yes. We are open to innovative products and technology business!

I have a non-profit or consulting business. Am I eligible?

No. We love our non-profit friends and consultants, and we have found that the focus of Pitchfest is not a good match for these types of businesses.

I have been running my company for a few years, have some traction, and have raised some early stage capital, am I eligible to apply?

Yes. We encourage you to apply if you are a small business and are committed to growth. Even if you are doing well with your business, the exposure, pitch training and mentorship we provide can help grow your business even more.

My company is in multiple industries, including the outdoor industry. Can I still apply?

As long as your company has a focus and market traction in the active-outdoor industries, you are welcome to apply. We fully support finding a fit for your business in multiple industries.

My business is based outside of the United States. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you meet all of the requirements, such as being able to attend Pitchfest in person on Day 0 of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

What if I am not looking for funding? Can I still apply?

Yes. Your growth challenges does not have to be financially based. If selected as a finalist, your pitch will be focused on identifying, framing, and articulating challenges and solutions to your business growth. The judges will give you live feedback on your challenges and next steps.

I applied last year. Can I apply again this year?

Yes. Assuming you meet all of the applicant criteria and you were not chosen as a finalist last year we encourage you to apply again.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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