Corporate Membership

Corporate Partnership

As a Camber Outdoors corporate partner, your company receives

  • Assessment tools
  • Best practices focused on recruitment, retention, and advancement of women
  • Consumer insights for the woman consumer
  • Tools for executive commitment, participation in Camber Outdoors CEO Pledge
  • Position your company as a great place to work via Camber's curated and targeted job board
  • One year license to use the Camber Outdoors logo
  • Unlimited individual memberships for employees
  • Showcase your facilities, opportunity to host (or attend) Camber Outdoors events
  • Expanded brand awareness via participation in Camber Outdoors initiatives and advocacy
  • Connection and knowledge sharing with a large community of member companies. View a list of members.

Your employees individual memberships are included:

  • Invitation to Camber Exchange regional events
  • Exclusive leadership development webinars
  • Connection with a strong community of active outdoor participants
  • Access to cross-industry, cross company mentoring program
  • Discounted rate of $50 for an annual subscription to SNEWS (valued at $195)
  • Access to the Camber Executive Roundtables
  • Recognition through Camber Leadership Awards
  • Participation in creating an industry where there is gender equality from the backcountry to the boardroom

"Given the higher returns that diversity is expected to bring, we believe it is better to invest now, since winners will pull further ahead and laggards will fall further behind." –McKinsey and Company, Why Diversity Matters (2015)

Corporate Member Annual Dues Based on US Revenue:

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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