Virtual Camber Exchange: “LGBTQ Allyship” Hosted by Outdoor Research

Virtual Camber Exchange: "LGBTQ Allyship" Hosted by Outdoor Research

This virtual event is hosted by Outdoor Research and will bring together a community of people who support workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity.

This Camber Exchange will focus on the topic of "Becoming a Workplace Ally: LGBTQ Inclusion at the Office and Beyond." Our panel of thought and organizational leaders will walk us through their ideas on what LGBTQ allyship looks like, examples of success stories in supporting LGBTQ employees, and unique consideration employees and colleagues need to take into account as allies for LGBTQ co-workers.

Order of Events (Mountain Time):

5:00 pm: Event kick-off! Bring your favorite snacks, drinks and get ready for an inspirational conversation. Clif Family Winery is offering Exchange attendees tasty wine for a discount and even put together a special snack pack. 

5:15 pm: "Becoming a Workplace Ally: LGBTQ Inclusion at the Office and Beyond" Panel

5:45 pm: Q+A with panelists. Have a question you would like to submit pre-event? Please send them to

6:00 pm: Networking! Break into google hangouts based on your regional locations for networking and an opportunity to dive deeper into the event topic.

6:30 pm: Wrap!

Rachel Davidson (she/her/hers), Outdoor Research


This virtual Camber Exchange is FREE for members, and a $10 suggested donation for non-members. Event registration funds and donations collected at this (and future) Camber Exchanges will be distributed evenly across selected nonprofit beneficiaries at the end of the year.

Questions? Send us an email at

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All proceeds from this exchange will be donated to partner nonprofit organizations that support building equitable outdoor spaces. Please consider contributing $5 to support this event.

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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