Pledge Advantage


Camber Outdoors recognizes the commitment your company has made to fostering an inclusive and dynamic workplace where a diverse pool of people and talent can thrive.

By signing the CEO Pledge, your company has committed to:

· Ensuring that gender diversity is a strategic and visible priority.

· Developing recruiting practices that attract and retain top-tier talent.

· Exchanging ideas and best practices to accelerate industry innovation.

In support of your commitment, Camber Outdoors has also made a commitment to ensuring that you have the tools and resources you need to be successful. Camber Outdoors has committed to:

· Delivering reports, tools, and insights on promising practices and innovative solutions.

· Convening industry leaders and partners to exchange ideas and knowledge surrounding People and Culture.

· Developing assessments to help you track your progress.  


To foster the highest level of quality engagement, one representative from each Camber Outdoors member company that has signed the Pledge is invited to participate in and contribute to this online forum at no additional cost (similar communities charge members thousands of dollars to participate).

Participation in this group offers:

· Access to a library of resources and tools related to people and culture, diversity and inclusion, and change management.

· A discussion forum where members dialogue with other CEO Pledge Activation Group Members and post and answer questions about:

– Activation of the Pledge

– Implementation of the promising practices and measures that support it

· Share relevant knowledge, resources, and articles through a member-driven Knowledge Portal.

· Provide dynamic feedback during the beta-testing phase of resources, including the forthcoming guidebook of promising practices.

· No additional cost to participate in this forum; similar communities of practice carry costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Want to represent your company in the CEO Pledge Activation Group? Contact Amy Luther.


Camber Outdoors has developed a collection of tools to help you succeed in your commitment to the CEO Pledge. Resources include:

· Internal communications toolkit 

· Guidebook of Gender Diversity and Inclusion promising practices 

· Recruiting video