CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge

An Equitable Workplace & Inclusive Leadership as a Strategic Business Imperative

The CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge is a CEO-driven business commitment to advance equity, inclusion, and diversity at an industry level. Its success is rooted in engaging deliberately with partner companies that are committed to accelerating transformation in their workplace and we plan to continue that approach under our broader mission. 

The CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge spurs innovation, builds community, and elevates the active-outdoor industries as great places to work.

Over 50 companies signed the CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge and committed to accelerating equity, inclusion, and diversity in their companies as a strategic business imperative. Scroll down to learn more about the CEO Pledge and how your company can become part of our growing community.


Click here to see a list of the companies represented.


A more equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplace creates a stronger, more sustainable active-outdoor industries—
increasing profits, expanding the product market, and driving innovation.


One of the biggest opportunities facing active-outdoor companies in the next 5 years is competition for employees with specialized skills and an understanding of consumers’ needs. Because of the active-outdoor industries’ reliance on technology and engineering for innovation, it directly competes with Fortune 500 companies in the energy, automobile, and hi-tech sectors for employees. Cultivating diverse workplaces helps attract talented individuals to our industry.

Commercial Success

Companies in the active-outdoor industries currently face competitive pressures in several areas, including: market share, profitability, sustainability, and sourcing. Companies employing a diverse workforce can supply a greater variety of solutions to these pressures, because employees from varied  backgrounds bring unique and fresh perspectives, ideas, and methodologies.

Innovation & Design for a Changing Marketplace

Research shows that including greater diversity of perspective and experience in leadership and in decision-making positions drives inspired design and faster, more proactive innovation. The future of the active-outdoor industries depends on meeting the needs of a new, diverse participant demographic, and companies that actively increase diversity of representation in leadership positions will have a distinct advantage.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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