Camber Professional Mentoring Program, Honoring Ann Krcik, Presented by Brooks

The Camber Professional Mentoring Program, Honoring Ann Krcik, helps equip leaders to thrive in increasingly diverse workplaces and amplify the organizational impact of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. This program honors the life and legacy of Camber’s co-founder, Ann Krcik, who believed the broad inclusion of individuals and industry leaders drove smart and effective business decisions. The program is designed to create professional development support systems for women and provides one-on-one learning and leadership development opportunities between mentors and mentees. Through the program, mentees gain strong allies and experienced thought partners for advancing their careers in the Outdoor Industry, and mentors hone their leadership and coaching skills, obtain insights into the needs of women within the workforce, contribute to creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces, and support the professional development of other women in the Outdoor Industry. 


Director-level and above women with 5+ years of experience in the Outdoor or adjacent industries.

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Emerging women leaders (high potential individual contributors) with 1+ years in the Outdoor or adjacent industries.

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Mentors and mentees engage in a 9-month one-on-one mentoring relationship meeting bi-monthly or 2+ hours per month on their own. Mentors and mentees also participate in Camber learning events (approximately four events, one hour each), plus a summation/graduation (one hour). The program cost is $250 for partner mentees and $1,000 for non-partner mentees. 


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