Camber Outdoors Launches ‘Seat at the Table’ Fundraising Campaign

Posted On November 17, 2022

Camber Outdoors seeks to raise funds for women-focused mentoring and professional development.

BOULDER, Colo. (Nov. 16, 2022) Today Camber Outdoors, the non-profit organization with the mission of supporting workplace inclusion, equity and diversity for outdoor-recreation focused organizations, announces the launch of its ‘Seat at the Table’ fundraising campaign to bolster and support Camber’s mentoring programs. 

“Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools for advancing and retaining your diverse workforce; yet, traditionally, women receive less effective mentoring, and employees of color are chronically under-sponsored,” noted Tiffany Smith, CEO of Camber Outdoors. “Camber identified mentoring and professional development as a critical support for employees as they navigate through challenges at work and helps them to hone and gain key skills. Seat at the Table will further strengthen mentoring opportunities for women in the outdoor recreation industries.”

The Professional Mentoring Program Honoring Ann Krcik is Camber’s flagship mentoring program focused on using mentoring as a tool for creating inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces. Founded in 2014, this program honors the life and legacy of Camber’s co-founder, Ann Krcik, to create professional development support systems for women. In our current times of national reckoning with systemic racism and other forms of inequality and injustice, Camber has evolved this program to have a deeper emphasis on all facets of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  

The Seat at the Table campaign strives to bring to the forefront the issues of gender inequality in the workplace, from pay gaps to promotion. Camber aims to rally supporters to donate to the Camber Professional Mentoring Program honoring Ann Krick, which provides access and eliminates barriers to advancing women in leadership.

“We invite you to be an ally and a champion for women by donating to the Seat at the Table Campaign, ultimately fostering environments that focus on advancing more women to senior leadership positions,” Smith adds. 

Camber’s mentoring programs have significant and impactful results that reflect that all participants gained valuable knowledge, skills, and increased their importance and value of workplace DEI. Reflecting 90% satisfaction rating among participants with 100% of participants recommending this program to others. 

Through active participation with guided experts and peer engagement, Camber has outlined the goals for its mentoring programs, including: increasing diversity of and participants to 30% of the cohort in each of its mentoring programs; empowering program participants with the best tools and resources to support their professional growth and become a DEI champion equipped to foster inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces; and, addressing member needs that are uniquely tailored to navigate the pressing challenges of this point in time.

The Seat at the Table campaign will run through the end of the year. 

For more information on Camber’s Seat at the Table campaign, including how to donate, please click HERE. 

To learn about the many benefits of becoming a Camber Partner, including a library of resources and transformative programming, as well as an assigned relationship manager to guide your workplace DEI journey, please visit www.camberoutdoors.org

About Camber Outdoors
Camber Outdoors is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to removing barriers and providing access to women and other underrepresented groups by supporting workplaces as the vehicle of change to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces across the outdoor industry. Camber provides a growing community of corporations, nonprofits and small businesses with programs and tools that accelerate workplace systems-change. To learn more about Camber Outdoors, visit camberoutdoors.org.


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