Camber Outdoors Careers


Founded in 1996 (and formerly OIWC), Camber Outdoors’ mission is to achieve equality for all women in the outdoors, from backcountry to boardroom. We seek team members who are willing to jump in with both feet, bring an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude, have fun, and say yes to hard work toward a vision of “Everyone’s Outdoors.”


We > Me
We are and bring extraordinary, diverse individuals and perspectives together in collaboration and with respect. We celebrate bright spots and prioritize the organization over our own interests.

Life = Life Outdoors
We shape our lives around the outdoors. We believe a life outdoors makes us better world citizens.

Active Pursuit of Better
Whether it’s in our activities, passions, or at work, we seek to always be better for it. We push for open communication even when it’s tough. We value play and laughter; we fail forward, sweat the details, and strive to sweat (not the just the details) everyday.

Bold and Audacious
We disrupt current conceptions of what is possible and are not willing to settle for the status quo. We think outside the box. We believe making big bets will make history.

Impact Driven
We are business-minded, enterprising, and solution-oriented, fueled by creativity and innovation. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.


Camber Outdoors Development Director