Webinar Replay: Financial IQ

Webinar Replay: Financial IQ

Whether you aspire to management or have already made your move, understanding the seemingly arcane language of the accountant is a critical business skill.

What the heck is an EBITDA? GAAP? What’s the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet? If all things money has you feeling completely lost and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. For so many non-accountants, managing money can be intimidating and feel unnecessary for the day-to-day tasks your job requires. Businesses, however, run on money and are driven by profit—when you take the initiative to follow the money in your own organization, the more qualified and well-rounded you become as an employee. If you have people or a budget to manage, a healthy financial IQ is essential.

In this webinar, Audrey Hicks, CFO at Pioneer Human Services, provides a basic understanding of what financial statements are and how to decipher them. Hicks came to the outdoor industry and accounting in a roundabout way and in the webinar, she touches on how she found her passion for accounting after attending two colleges and spending 10 years pursuing her degree. Hicks also emphasizes that the skills of an accountant are one of the best early investments you can make in your business. When asked at what point in your career all the financial stuff starts to matter, Hicks didn’t hesitate: “The more people that understand where the levers are—what makes the magic happen—the better they can work every day at what they do.” 

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Special thank you to our sponsors, W.L. Gore and Outdoor Research, for making this webinar possible.

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