Webinar Replay: Camber Outdoors 2020 Kick-Off

Webinar Replay:
Camber Outdoors 2020 Kick-Off

With the start of a decade comes a new chapter for Camber Outdoors. Learn about our vision and programming under the leadership of Executive Director Emily Newman.

Camber Outdoors is a national nonprofit supporting workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity in the active-outdoor industries. We are your partner for building equitable systems, a strong network of talent, and inclusive leadership practices to inspire workplaces truly for everyone.

Wondering where the name Camber Outdoors comes from? 

You’re not alone, as we get this question all the time. A “camber” is a slight curve that creates a deviation in a straight path. The name “Camber Outdoors,” speaks to our mission to alter the current workplace path of the active outdoors industries. Without a camber, the path is linear, status quo. We’re here to help change that.⁠

Under the leadership of new Executive Director, Emily Newman, our 2020 vision and programming includes engaging with organizational leaders, individual employees, and the industry at large. Scroll to the bottom to watch the full, 35-minute webinar, or take in our recap below.

A Growing Need for Equitable & Inclusive Workplaces

Across the United States, diverse populations grow while the corporate sector lags behind in representation. From entry-level onward, data shows both women and men of color are highly underrepresented in the workplace. Furthermore, women are less likely to be hired into manager-level jobs, and they are far less likely to be promoted into them.

Largely because of these gender gaps, men end up holding 62 percent of managerial positions while women hold only 38 percent. Unfortunately, good data and supporting information about the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace continues to lag, and as of today, there are only three openly LGBTQ+ leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Our 2020 programming will address these disparities through data, education, leadership convenings, and online toolkits.

McKinsey, “Delivering Through Diversity,” 2018

Competitive Edge

Why partner with us to make these changes?

2018 research from McKinsey shows that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. When it comes to ethnic/cultural diversity, top-quartile companies were 33 percent more likely to outperform in terms of profitability.

Defining Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity In the Workplace

The Camber Outdoors Plan

Our approach begins with shifting culture to be more inclusive and providing support to create more equitable workplaces. By starting with workplace inclusion, we build environments where everyone can engage, which in turn allows companies to design for equity. When inclusion and equitable systems are in place, a broader pool of talent is attracted to and retained in workplaces.

2020 Programming

In 2020, our Camber Outdoors programming will be centered around monthly education themes:

2020 Monthly Program Learning Themes

Our programming, which will support these themes, consists of the following:

1. Data & Evaluation
A partnership between world-class Claremont Evaluation Center and Camber Outdoors to create the building blocks of your corporate and industry strategy.

2. Corporate IE&D Peer Network
This is a place for corporate team members who lead IE&D efforts or participate in Employee Working Groups to connect with peers across companies, encouraging dialog and the sharing of promising practices.

3. Executive Roundtable
Facilitated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, this roundtable will identify industry opportunities and help build corporate plans of action.

4. Talent Pipeline
Connecting untapped talent at scale by connecting workforce partners and corporate hiring leaders. While we build out this program, we will also continue to maintain our industry-wide job board, available to partner companies and nonprofits.

5. Webinars
Web-based learning tools designed to support leaders organization-wide as they cultivate equitable, inclusive workplaces.

6. The Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring Program
Developed for future leaders in the active-outdoor industries, this longstanding program will now include new supports for entrepreneurs.

7. Storytelling
Activations at large-scale national events; stories of inclusion and workplace equity collected and shared to inspire inclusivity in the workplace. Our first event of this kind is our StoryBus and StoryBooths, powered by Keen, at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2020.

8. Case Studies & Online Toolkits
Detailed examples of promising practices and useful tools from various industries.

9. Camber Exchanges
Meet-ups held in locations throughout North America, bringing together a community of people who support workplace inclusion, equity, and diversity, and also love the outdoors. This year, we’re adding events in the Great Plains and Southeast regions!

Interested in hosting a Camber Exchange? Email us.

Join Us

We offer several different types of partnerships for companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs, including Corporate Partnership, Small Business Partnership, and Nonprofit Partnership. All employees of company partners receive a complimentary membership. For individuals, we offer a  membership that provides access to Camber Outdoors programs, community, and resources. Student rates are available as well.

Love what Camber Outdoors is doing and want to help make an impact?

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Watch the Full Webinar

Special thank you to our sponsors, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., for making this webinar possible.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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