Rose Marcario: Take risks, have courage, and let’s make a better world together.

Rose Marcario, President & CEO of Patagonia, thinks it’s time to speak up, come together, and serve as a model for industries across the globe.

She opened her remarks at last week’s Camber Outdoors Thought-Leader Keynote, “Becoming a Powerhouse for Positive Change,” with a nod to Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, citing the leadership and vision he’s known for:

“Lead by example—and take risks.”

Speaking to a packed room, and to many individuals and groups watching the keynote remotely,  Marcario highlighted the importance of empowering women and increasing diversity in our industries and beyond.

“We have to come together like never before. We live in an interconnected world. I really believe that empowering women and more diverse communities is a big part of winning this fight.”

She encouraged us to use our businesses as models and change agents.

“We’ve never been more poised to be an example of what responsible business is and what it means when business is a force for good.”

Marcario emphasized the importance of supporting activism (Patagonia has donated $74 million to grassroots groups since 1975, not including the $10 million raised this past Black Friday) and the power—and indeed the obligation—of our industry coalitions to influence and affect positive change.

“Everything that we care about is at stake right now. I mean everything. Public lands … wild creatures. Everything. We can’t let it go on our watch. This time is our watch.”

And, in reference to Patagonia’s on-site daycare program, gender parity, and longtime commitment to women and families, she spoke about the value of creating a culture of caregiving.

“We need to value caregiving as an intrinsic part of a healthy society.”

Rose Marcario’s Keynote was inspiring, thoughtful, and worthy of watching in its entirety (you can view it here courtesy of Brandlive). But her call to the women in the room to have courage—to cultivate courage—really stood out to our team (and gave us goosebumps).

“Ask for what you want. Define what you want. If you don’t get it where you are, create it.”

We thank Rose for her wisdom, her wit … and her good humor in graciously (and gracefully) rolling with the unexpected light show in Marriott ballroom.

We leave you with her closing remarks to us:

“Take risks, have courage, and let’s make a better world together.”

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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