Now That You’re a Manager

Now That You’re a Manager

Whether you’ve recently been promoted, are aspiring to become a manager, or have been one for quite a while, this webinar is for you. Featuring Katie Thompson, Product Development and Manufacturing Manager for Burley Design. Read our five key takeaways, glean new resources, and watch the full, hour-long talk.

The front of the “Superpowers” deck of cards from SYPartners.

So, you’re now a manager. Congratulations! You’re likely feeling a mix of accomplishment and anxiety surrounding your new role. Although the shift to manager will require a fair amount of effort and change on your part, we’re here to help. Our latest Webinar, featuring Katie Thompson, a Product Development and Manufacturing Manager for Burley Design, provides tips and resources for succeeding in your new position. 

Skip to the bottom to watch the full, hour-long presentation (it’s worth it). Or, if you only have a few minutes, read our five key takeaways that double as good life lessons:

1. Don’t Just Work Hard, Work Intentionally

As a manager you’ll have to redefine your day. You only have so much time and in order to advance the larger picture, you have to be efficient in how you use it. What work matters most? What are the larger goals of your organization and culture? 

Figure out what it is you’re trying to achieve as a team, and set everyone on their course towards it. You have to shift your expertise, transforming from a “doer,” someone that’s told what to do and gets the job done, to being a “leader,” someone that maintains a vision of progress.

2. Stay Curious

Become a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge around you. When you stay curious and practice being an active listener, you’re going to learn the most about what your team needs to succeed. In your free time, read, listen to podcasts, attend classes, take advantage of mentorship programs (or establish one)—stay in a continual learning mindset! Lean in to learning and take the support that’s out there. Leave your assumptions at the door. 

3. Establish Feedback Loops

From day one, make sure the lines of communication and feedback are open. A good leader is able to not only give but also collect feedback, understand where it’s coming from, and then act accordingly. For Katie, culture is something to be uncovered, not created—it can only emerge if you establish trust and keep communication channels open. 

4. Be Consistent

Don’t be a different person in different situations. Be consistent! That applies to the way in which your team can access you, the way you give direction, the way you react, and the way you handle emotions. Your team should always know what to expect from you.

5. Learn How to Be Wrong and Ask for Support

Everybody is wrong every once in a while. There’s no need to be defensive. Learn and listen, and shift from there. Katie also suggests building a strong support network, what she refers to as your own personal “boardroom,” utilizing the experience around you (someone for financial advice, someone for HR advice, someone to help you shape a presentation, etc.). It’s rare to find people who don’t want to help or share their experiences with you—you just need to ask.

So, You're a Manager Now

Katie’s Recommended Resources:

Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

As a manager, you’re going to be pulled in many new directions and it can sometimes feel like your whole day is spent in meetings. This book provided Katie with strategies for focusing on what matters most every day.

The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanie

Say less, ask more, and change the way you lead forever. For Katie, one’s capacity to lead requires the ability to engage hearts, not just minds. 

The Superpowers Card Deck

The Superpowers Card Deck is a tool to help you and your team learn about your individual Superpowers and how to navigate them to perform your best. Katie particularly likes this deck because for every Superpower, a Shadow is also noted, helping to facilitate partnerships and a culture built on teamwork. Decks like this (there are many others out there), give a team verbiage and a way to move the conversation forward.

Culture Amp

Build committed, high-achieving teams by tapping into the connection between engagement and performance. Katie took her framework for organizational change from Culture Amp’s Employee Feedback Loop.


Special thank you to our sponsors, W.L. Gore and Outdoor Research, for making this webinar possible.


Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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