6 Active-Outdoor Industries Career Paths To Which Your Skills Will Transfer

6 Active-Outdoor Industries Career Paths To Which Your Skills Will Transfer

Let’s face it. Most of us land in the “office jobs” category, where sitting for long hours indoors is the reality. However, there’s possibility (and opportunity!) to alter the environment in which we choose to sit. Here’s where a transfer into the active-outdoor industries comes into consideration—where companies value a healthy work-life balance (and reside in America’s most beautiful spots for outdoor recreation). You’ve likely already got the skills and experience that many companies want, and you can always leverage your network to speed up the process. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace, a change of scenery, or a change of career altogether, a job in the active-outdoor industries may be just the ticket. Read on to discover career paths to which your skills will transfer.

1. Gear

Pathways: engineering, design, production, technician, mechanic
Skills: 3D modeling, mathematics, composition, color, research, textile

You have technical skills—in industrial design, 3D modeling, engineering, construction, mechanics—whatever it may be. Apply these skills to designing, producing, and fixing gear, apparel, and goods in the active-outdoor industries. Perks: design it, then use it on your grand days out (outlook good on gear discounts).

Example Jobs
  • Materials Development Specialist
  • Color Design Assistant
  • Bike/Ski Shop Technical Specialist


2. Creative

Pathways: graphics, UX/UI, web, content creation, strategy, direction
Skills: Adobe, video, photography, WordPress, HTML, composition, writing

Creation is your identity. You can’t help but dream up new ideas, designs, and concepts, and your imagination is full of color. Every industry needs artists, including the outdoors, to beautify its messages and products. There’s a place here for your skills, and you’ll surely get to use more than one of them.

Example Jobs
  • Content Coordinator
  • Art Director
  • Web Designer


3. People

Pathways: partnerships, human resources, events, customer service, language, sales
Skills: charisma, conversation, networking, writing, interpersonal

Everyone knows you’re a people person. Charm is the name of your game, and you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Your communication skills are on point across all mediums, and you love the energy that comes from working with people. These non-industry-specific skills could easily land you a spot at your favorite outdoor company.

Example Jobs
  • Industry Partnerships Coordinator
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Events Manager


4. Marketing

Pathways: direction, management, coordination, digital, email, social media
Skills: analytics, SEO, writing, communications, people, adobe, WordPress, HTML, organization

You are the master organizer of the workplace, with the savviest of digital talents. Lists and calendars bring you satisfaction, and you’d use the word “exciting” to describe data analysis. You welcome change and adapt quickly in a constantly changing digital landscape, and your people skills are top notch, too. Abilities like these are in high demand in the active-outdoor industries.

Example Jobs
  • Marketing Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator


5. Journalism

Pathways: editing, web, print, blog, social media, content creation, freelance
Skills: writing, grammar and mechanics, efficiency, photography, video

Weaving words brings you the most joy. You can summarize, synthesize, and put a fresh perspective on timely stories, and you have a keen sense of relevancy. The written language is your specialty, and your command of its nuances and intricacies make you a stand-out. Freelance or full-time, there’s plenty of space for you here.

Example Jobs
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Contributor


6. Tech

Pathways: IT, app, software, web
Skills: OOP, .NET, C#, code, communication, computer science, HTML, CSS, interface design, JavasScript

Codes and systems—you speak a different language than most. Computer science is your favorite way to geek out, and user experience is at the forefront of your thinking. Technical difficulties don’t phase you a bit (and they bring you opportunities to shine). It seems technology isn’t going anywhere.—two thumbs up on job security.

Example Jobs
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • User Interface Developer


Explore more active-outdoor industries career pathways on the Camber Outdoors job board.

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