Our Volunteers Are the Best!

Our Volunteers Are the Best!

We are so grateful for your ongoing support.

We are incredibly thankful you are part of the Camber Outdoors family and we want you to know your support means a great deal to us. In this blog, we’ve highlighted five Regional Volunteer Managers and asked them three questions about their career and what Camber Outdoors has meant to them. At the end, we’ve included a full list of our 2019 volunteers. To everyone on it, we thank you.

What is a Regional Volunteer Manager?

Regional Volunteer Managers are Camber Outdoors champions who volunteer their time to plan, promote, and represent Camber Outdoors at events throughout North America.

Hailey Light

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Title: Student, Researcher, and Events & Social Media Manager
Company: Oregon State University and Morsel

What are you thankful for in your job/career?

I am thankful that I get to pursue something I am extremely passionate about, conservation and recreation in the outdoors. I am extremely fortunate to be constantly learning not only from classes or my research but also at my job. I am thankful I get to be creative in many aspects, from writing articles to photography, and to live in such a beautiful area that lets me do so.

What is your favorite way to show gratitude?

My favorite way to show gratitude is being kind to everyone I interact with. We all need to show more kindness in the world, whether that’s a compliment to a stranger or sitting down with a long-time friend and having a meaningful conversation—just showing the people around you that they matter. 

What impact has volunteering for Camber Outdoors had on you?

Camber Outdoors has had an extreme impact on my life and career. If it wasn’t for Mona West, I might not have ever been introduced to Camber Outdoors. Camber was the first organization I had ever volunteered for in the active-outdoor industry when I was a sophomore/junior at University. If I never went to Outdoor Retailer with Camber as their Tradeshow Volunteer Manager, I wouldn’t have the job I have today. I have learned so much about myself and who I am as a professional. This experience has shaped what I want to do for my career. I am extremely grateful for all the roles I’ve played for Camber Outdoors and the experiences I’ve had. 

Danielle Piscatelli

Title: Outdoor Educator and Guide
Company: Multiple

What are you thankful for in your job/career?

I’m thankful for all the amazing people I meet on my trips. As well as the beauty I see in the outdoors every day.

What is your favorite way to show gratitude?

I typically show gratitude by speaking it, whether that is in person or in writing.

What impact has volunteering for Camber Outdoors had on you?

Volunteering for Camber Outdoors has opened my eyes to some of the inequalities within the outdoor industry and what I can do to change that.

Alicia Ranney

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Title: Assistant Brand Manager, Luna Bar
Company: Clif Bar & Company

What are you thankful for in your job/career?

I’m thankful for my company being open-minded and the opportunity to make a career shift.

What is your favorite way to show gratitude?

I keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily!

What impact has volunteering for Camber Outdoors had on you?

I’ve met some amazing people through volunteering at Camber Exchanges!

Saveria Tilden

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Title: CEO & Founder
Company: AdventurUs Women

What are you thankful for in your job/career?

I am incredibly thankful that I get to share my passion for the outdoors by creating and leading experiences that connect people to the outdoors. In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to focus on outdoor experiences for women that offer supportive and fun environments that are based on skill-building and community. I have never been so inspired by work.

What is your favorite way to show gratitude?

I like to personally tell people how much they mean to me and how thankful I am for them. Handwritten notes are another way that I like to show gratitude. 

What impact has volunteering for Camber Outdoors had on you?

Being that our SoCal region is big, our outdoor companies are pretty spread out. That creates a logistical challenge for community building. Despite this challenge, attendees travel and make great efforts to come to the Camber Exchanges—it’s always nice to see familiar faces and meet new people. Meeting local women leaders in the outdoor industry and connecting locally with others who are also passionate about careers in the outdoors has been a highlight of volunteering for Camber Outdoors.

Avril Wiers

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Title: Natural Resources & Outdoor Studies Instructor
Company: Careerline Tech Center, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

What are you thankful for in your job/career?

I’m thankful that I found a place where I get to inspire the next generation of outdoor leaders. Sharing my love of the natural world with kids who are curious and excited about it is the best. 

What is your favorite way to show gratitude?

I’m an avid letter writer! I love finding the perfect card and using old fountain pens to scribble my gratitude. If you’re lucky, there could be a little watercolor doodle included!

What impact has volunteering for Camber Outdoors had on you?

Volunteering for Camber Outdoors has introduced me to so many amazing people. I love connecting with people who are just as stoked on getting out as I am.

Event Volunteers – Camber Exchanges and Tradeshows


Camber Exchange Speakers
  • Paige Alms
  • Ana Beatriz Cholo
  • Sarah Ciccarello
  • Kelly Cortina
  • Coral Darby
  • Shelly Davis
  • Sabra Davison
  • Clare Fewster
  • Lindsay Ford
  • Melody Forsyth
  • Maria Gaetani
  • Jose Gonzales
  • Kamila Journet
  • Jenn Killian
  • Taylor Killian
  • Amelia Leme
  • Supriya Limaye
  • Jody MacDonald
  • Laura McCarthy
  • Allison Miles
  • Katie Milles
  • Veronica Miranda
  • Whitney Mitchell
  • Fernando Montilla
  • Eileen Mulry
  • Anna Lis Munro
  • Sarah Murray
  • Claudine Nadeau
  • Axie Navas
  • Nirvana Ortanez
  • Caylin Patterson
  • Kelly Pawlak
  • Jessica Potts
  • Annie Reid
  • Theresa Salus
  • Nikki Smith
  • Susan Strible
  • Shana Thomas
  • Amanda Timm
  • Irene Vilar
  • Tiare Vincent
  • Jessica Whitmire
  • Wendy Yang
  • Andi Zolton


Camber Exchange Volunteers 
  • Evin Catlett
  • Ellen DeLisio
  • Kimberly Dirmaier
  • Kari Dunn
  • Luisa Harkins
  • Michael Italia
  • Ginny Jones
  • Marissa Kinsley
  • Molly LaBonte
  • Emily Leu
  • Supriya Limaye
  • Julie Machac
  • Becky Marcelliano
  • Ashley McGann
  • Brandelle McIntosh
  • Heather McKendry
  • Kiana Millar
  • Ashley Morgan
  • Natalie Oshin
  • Amy Renalds
  • Allie Riediger
  • Rachel Rodino
  • Lindsay Simpson
  • Susan Strible


Trade Show Volunteers 
  • Olivia Cameron
  • Misha Charles
  • Corey Clark
  • Becca Corona
  • Tracey Cottingham
  • Tashia Davis
  • Hannah Doerner
  • Erica Fagan
  • Samantha Frederick
  • MaryThorn Greene
  • Nancy Gullett
  • Celestia Howe
  • Mary Iannotti
  • Monica Kurtz
  • Lena Laakso
  • Supriya Limaye
  • Mindy Montgomery
  • Danielle O’Farrell
  • Jessica Parker
  • Amy Parulis
  • Danielle Piscatelli
  • Gabriela Schladale
  • Kelly Skramstad
  • Lisa Slagle
  • Tiffany Swenson
  • Lindsey Watson
  • Sonjia Weinstein
  • Kim White
  • Frederick Winter
  • Ani Yahzid


Leadership Webinar Expert Volunteers 


  • Julia Day, Executive Director of Business Development, NPD Group
  • Tarja Dye, VP of Human Resources, Barebones Living
  • Candie Fisher, Founder of Candie Fisher Recruiting & Consulting
  • Audrey Hicks, Chief Financial Officer, Pioneer Human Services
  • Jen O’Donnell, Owner, and Principal Consultant, Tricycle LLC
  • Eboni Preston, Director of Programs, Greening Youth Foundation
  • Ali Sawdry, Senior Human Resource Business Partner, W.L.Gore & Associates
  • Katie Thompson, Product Development and Manufacturing Manager, Burley Design
  • Evan Torrance Director of Customer Service Experience (Gearheads), Backcountry.com
  • Elysa Walk, General Manager, Burton Snowboards
  • Wilma Wallace, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, REI, Inc.


Pitchfest Mentors & Feedback Panelists Volunteers


  • Fa’al Ali, Founder, Eazy Media
  • Gregg Bagni, Director, White Road Investments
  • Thea Chase, Startup Consultant
  • Andrew Grant, Partner, Perkins Coie
  • Jen Gurecki, Founder, Coalition Snow
  • Kevin Hamilton, Partner, Perkins Coie
  • Sue Heilbronner, CEO, MergeLane & Leadership Camp
  • Ashley Nager, Program Director, Telluride Venture Accelerator
  • Anne Patterson, Principal, InventoryGuru
  • Ben Rifkin, CEO & President, Ten Eighty Capital
  • Alissa Sears, Co-Founder, AdVentures Academy
  • Praful Shah, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Principium Investments
  • Susan Viscon, SVP Merchandising & Co-op Brands, REI Co-op
  • Mona West, Chief Growth Officer, Heroclip


Camber Outdoors Board of Directors

Expressing gratitude for our volunteers wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging our leadership and guides—our board of directors. Our Board Members are volunteers that unselfishly give their time and expertise, as well as personal financial contributions. They wholeheartedly believe in advancing the Camber Outdoors mission and vision, ensuring the future success of our organization.

A special thank you to Steve Meineke, our Board President.

  • Steve Meineke – President, Operating Partner, Roundhouse Collective
  • Donna Carpenter – CEO, Burton Snowboards
  • Kent Ebersole – Vice President, Fractional Digital Marketing and Strategic Communication Consultant
  • Roger Gierhart – Vice President, Forecasting, Distribution, and Logistics, Trek Bicycle Corporation
  • Reggie Miller – Vice President, Global Inclusion and Diversity, VF Corp.
  • Jessica Murphy – Co-Founder, BibRave
  • Layne Rigney – CEO, Osprey
  • Diana Seung – GM North America, Jack Wolfskin
  • Nora Stowell – Global Sales Leader, W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Susan Viscon – Past President and Senior Vice President, Merchandising, REI
  • Michelle Wardian – Treasurer and President, Outdoor Research
  • Catherine Walker – Secretary and Senior Vice President and General Counsel, REI (retired)
  • Wendy Yang – President, HOKA, Teva, Sanuk



Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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