New Year’s Resolutions: Commitment to Women’s Leadership

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there’s one thing on our mind: the active-outdoor industries setting the standard for equitable workplaces and women’s leadership. As such, we ask ourselves what can we do this year to make a difference? How can we better support our thought-leading partners? We poured a glass of wine, got out our journals, and came up with a few resolutions we’re sure will move the dial in workplace equity this year.

Camber Outdoors New Year’s Resolutions 2018

1. Grow the community of Camber Outdoors CEO Pledge signers to over 100.

A cultural shift in women’s leadership needs executive commitment—that’s why we introduced the CEO Pledge in 2015. It’s a national, thought-leading initiative that provides a platform for our partner companies to establish women’s leadership as a strategic business imperative.

We’re making moves based on top-line research backing this idea—when women lead, good things happen. Things like…

  • a stronger, more sustainable industry with increased profits, an expanded product market and cutting-edge innovation
  • up to $12 trillion in additional GDP globally, according to Mckinsey and Company’s ten years of research
  • an industry with products and services that serve ALL types of people, creating an outdoors where everyone is welcome
  • a solution to the long-standing issue of workplace sexual harassment (thanks for backing us, Harvard Business Review)
  • the eradication of decades worth of inequality in the work environment

This year, let’s bring together 100 brands toward a common vision; In a couple of years, 500; after that, let’s reach the point where we don’t need the CEO Pledge at all. That’s what we’re aiming for.


2. Amplify the work of our exceptional partner companies who are setting the standard for our industry and others.

Our Peak Partners are the backbone of Camber Outdoors—and the active-outdoor industries. Their commitment to building a better world through business inspires us every day. In 2017:

  • REI Co-op launched the Force Of Nature campaign with plans to make the outdoors the “world’s largest level playing field” through women’s representation in advertising, classes and gear.
  • Burton reached 42% women in leadership roles, after a 13-year effort that began with under 10% women.
  • Patagonia continued to support women’s leadership in the workplace through their on-site child care program which has set a much-needed standard for the active-outdoor industries.

In 2018, it is our resolution to tell the story of workplace equity, pioneered by our partners, to all who care about where they work and the difference they make. Which leads us to #3…


3. Build the Camber Outdoors community to 25,000.

We’re good at what we do, but we can’t do it alone. We need YOUR support to move the dial from the bottom up. Plus, we need our extraordinary community to tell other talented women about the resources we provide those who aspire to join or be promoted in the active-outdoor industries (Career Center, Camber Exchanges, Professional Mentoring Program, Pitchfest, to name a few).

We want YOU to be a part of our community if:

  • You love the outdoors—in any way, shape or form.
  • You’re a woman who works in the active-outdoor industries and want to become a leader.
  • You’re a woman who wants to work in the active-outdoor industries (even if you don’t know it yet).
  • You are already a leader in the active-outdoor industries.
  • You’re one of our moms (because we all know you’re our biggest fans).

The most important thing is that we build a community of people committed to the conversation (and the action) surrounding workplace equity in the active-outdoor industries.


4. Make time to play outside.

If all else fails, we at least have our morning yoga, lunchtime runs, and evening rides to keep us happy, inspired and committed to our work. Don’t worry, the entire Camber Outdoors staff has committed to daily planks, push-ups and high-fives. Happy New Year, everyone!

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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