Celebrating Ann Krcik and a Lifetime of Achievement 

Celebrating Ann Krcik and a Lifetime of Achievement

Since 1996, Camber Outdoors has recognized women leaders in the active-outdoor industries who have not only made a substantial impact on their colleagues and community, but have also created a more inclusive culture for greater industry sustainability.

This year, we recognize Ann Krcik as one of these great leaders, and we’re honored to present her with the Camber Outdoors Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Ann has been a long-standing mentor for men and women in the outdoor industry,” said Camber Outdoors Executive Director, Deanne Buck. “Over 20 years ago, when she and Carolyn Cooke hosted a space for women to convene at trade shows, she sparked an organization, Camber Outdoors (formerly Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition), that has springboarded from her core vision.”

Sally McCoy, former CEO of CamelBak and long-time colleague of Ann has equal praise for her leadership: “Ann has had a lasting impact on the entire industry through her ability to turn her awesome ideas into reality, but one of her boldest, most important, and, frankly most fun, was co-founding OIWC (which is now Camber Outdoors).”

In Krcik’s words (via her SNEWS interview): “The OIWC was really just born out of the idea that we wanted a platform for networking. It’s hard to believe, but that didn’t exist for women back then.” OIWC has since developed into Camber Outdoors, a refined and evolved iterate of the original that is shifting the paradigm for women across an entire industry.

This journey toward a Lifetime Achievement Award in the active-outdoor industries began many years ago in Yosemite Valley, where she discovered her passion for the outdoors.

“Yosemite has truly shaped who I am, and I have considered it my home base. It has influenced my perspectives and choices,” said Krcik. “It has been my go-to place at times of celebration, reflection, and moments so challenging, it was my strongest refuge.” Since her very first visit to the Valley, she’s built a life deeply embedded in the outdoor space—and that includes a career setting standards of leadership in the active-outdoor industries that will be emulated for many years to come.

Today, Krcik assumes leadership roles in many forms. She oversees corporate communications across all products categories, athletes and corporate issues at the North Face. She leads their advocacy programs including the Explore Fund which provides grants to organizations that connect young people to the outdoors in meaningful ways. Ann is a board member of the Conservation Alliance and co-founder of the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition; and she’s a recipient of the “Pioneering Women Award,” “OIA Advocacy Award” and American Himalayan Foundation “AHF Star Award.”

Please join us in celebrating Ann Krcik and her lifetime of achievement at our 2018 Thought Leader Keynote on January 27, 2018.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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