Career Advice from the Active-Outdoor Industries Community

Career Advice from the Active-Outdoor Industries Community

We asked the Camber Outdoors community for the best career advice they’ve received and used in their professional journey. Read on to be inspired.

Think about where you are today and all the things that went into getting to this point. We are a product of the people, places, and experiences that shape our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Sometimes, all it takes is one piece of advice—from a relative, a friend, a stranger—to create the spark that changes the course of our lives. A few months ago we reached out to you, our community, on social media and asked for your favorite piece of career advice. Below are a few of our favorites. We hope you are as inspired as we are.

I had a mentor tell me once ‘be selfish’ and it really resonated given where I was at the time. Many employers will take as much as you will give and sometimes to a fault. Step back and think about where you need to be more selfish with your time, your asks, your needs, etc. which will often make you a better employee overall.” – Sharon Houghton

“You don’t know where you’re going ‘til you get there. Be open to opportunities that arise and willing to adjust your plans.” – Jennifer Holbrook

“Every job is a lifestyle choice.” – Charley Charlie

“Always move forward. Better to make a quick decisions, even if they’re not always right, rather than agonize over every detail and do nothing.” – Kristin Hostetter

“Always be good for your word. In the end that’s all you have.” – Lisa Kircher Hollenbeck

“By Missy Park, founder of Title Nine: The sooner you fail, the faster you succeed.” – Ginny Galbreth

“It’s not what you know or who you know, it’s who knows you. You can network all you want during school or in the workplace, but the people you foster authentic mentor relationships with are the ones who will think of you when they see job openings.” – Maren Svare

“Beware of distractions disguised as opportunities.” – Theresa Willis

“There are three aspects of your job that determine your happiness: the people (including your boss), the money, and the nature of work that you’re doing. As long as two of three of those are intact, the job will keep you happy. As soon as two of those are not up to your standards, you should begin looking elsewhere.”  – Tanya Voytus

“Perfect is the enemy of the good” – Carolyn Bartoo

“Dream big, be creative, and think outside-the-box. Never rest on your laurels and follow your passions in life.” – Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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