Passion To Profession: Active-Outdoor Industries Leaders | Diana Seung

Passion To Profession: Active-Outdoor Industries Leaders | Diana Seung

Diana Seung, interim executive director at Camber Outdoors, shares more about the meaning of “Everyone’s Outdoors” through her eyes.

To recognize role models in the active-outdoor industries, we’re featuring people in a myriad of leadership roles—asking them about their backgrounds, their biggest learning experiences, and the influence of nature in their lives. Learn how moments throughout Diana’s life have shaped her into the leader she is today.

When did you first fall in love with the outdoors?

As a child, some of my fondest memories come from my parents’ spontaneous trips to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. We would drive up there in the middle of the night to a barren strip of land that a family friend owned. It was surrounded by the bay and had one dock where we’d spend the night crabbing and fishing under the stars catching dozens of blue crabs and taking them home to cook for dinner the next day.

What’s your favorite outdoor memory?

I took a trip last year to Southern Utah with my sister, brother-in-law, and their three kids. It was everyone’s first visit to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and we spent the days hiking all over. The views of the amphitheater and endless rows of hoodoos at Bryce were breathtaking, and my stress literally melted away as I soaked it all in. My niece and nephews loved the experience and it was so fun to share that trip with them and capture those moments with some great photos.

What’s something unique you want people to know about you?

Most people don’t realize that I speak, read, and write Korean at a very basic level. I come from a first generation Korean-American household, so I still speak Korean with my parents at home. It can be tough sometimes as my vocabulary is limited, but we make it work. My parents also felt it was important for my me and my sisters to attend Korean school during a few summers growing up to learn how to read and write the language. As an adult, I am so thankful they gave me that opportunity as it’s a wonderful language that makes me feel more connected to my heritage.

Tell us about a role model who has impacted your life as a career woman for the better.

It’d be difficult for me to name just one person. The outdoor industry can be tough when you’re a woman and a person of color because you don’t see many people like you out there. I never experienced this type of environment when I worked in the childrenswear and fashion industries. I’ve been so impressed by all the women who have been in the industry for a long time as they’ve succeeded at navigating a very male-dominated world. It’s inspiring to see more and more women in senior leadership roles and in CEO seats, and it’s a key indicator that the industry is changing and evolving.

What does “EVERYONE’S OUTDOORS” mean to you?

The outdoors is for everyone—regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you do. It’s where you can unplug, recharge, and reflect on life. For each individual, that action and experience is unique, and to me, that’s what makes the outdoors so great. It can mean so many different things to different people and there’s no judgment or expectation, only what you want to make of it.

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Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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