Ann Krcik Advocacy Fund


The Ann Krcik Advocacy Fund ensures that women continue to develop workplace community and career connections that will shape the future of the outdoors.

This is achieved through the Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring Program which is the only cross-company, cross-industry mentoring initiative in the active-outdoor industries that facilitates one-on-one learning and leadership development opportunities between director/manager-level and executive-level women.

Your donation to the Ann Krcik Advocacy Fund will go toward the support and the expansion of the Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring Program.


At Camber Outdoors, we honor the life and legacy of co-founder Ann Krcik. Mentorship was at the core of who Ann was and what she continuously championed.

Starting in the customer service department of The North Face in the 80s, Ann connected with then Director of Equipment Sally McCoy who mentored her as she moved up through the company to become the Director of Marketing Operations.

After more than six years at The North Face, Ann and her friend Carolyn Cooke launched the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), now known as Camber Outdoors. Close to 23 years later, it continues to help achieve equality for all women in the outdoors workplace.

Throughout her career, Ann asked, “Who is missing from the leadership table? Whose voice would help us make better decisions?” She believed in broad inclusion of individuals and leaders in the industry to be at the forefront of smart business decisions, and was a mentor to many.


“The learnings I took a way from the [Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring] Program have had a tremendous impact on my career and personal growth. It has not only given me the tools but clear solutions on how I can add more value to my organization and be a leader within the industry. I’ve learned to own my outcomes and relationships by being more assertively clear about who I am and what I value. By being authentic, I’ve been able to have real conversations, create more outcomes, and move some pretty big boulders!”
– Morgan Makowski, Marketing Director, Hydrapak

“The [Ann Krcik Professional Mentoring] Program has impacted me in such a big way! As a mentor you learn so much from your mentee like new insights, fresh ideas, you pick up the energy from young talent and it reinforces your leadership style and reminds you to take your own advice! Pretty cool!  The mentee’s gain knowledge, perspective, confidence, skills, and a robust network. Most are promoted within 6 months! Such a win for the individuals and the industry!
– Deborah Beggan, VP/Brand Manager -Helly Hansen

“Working with my mentor has given me added confidence in my skillsets and a deeper understanding of my value to my company. I’ve discussed both personal and professional opportunities and challenges with her and her invaluable feedback has made me confident in how to approach both. Oftentimes, it’s easy to find a new job responsibility challenging, even formidable. The ability to say here’s my situation, here’s my plan of attack, and have her affirm both my plan and help advise on ways to bolster it even further has been a game changer. Under my mentor’s tutelage, I’ve become more confident in how to approach things in an effective way for me and my employer.”
– Christina Erb LoVullo, Creative Services Director, Catapult Creative Services

“Being a mentor provides me a reason to step back from my day-to-day and reflect on underlying experiences and dynamics. It’s given me a way to help someone else benefit from my experiences and inspires me to keep learning. I enjoy the camaraderie of mentorship and how being part of a formal mentoring relationship opens the door for honest conversation, humility and a partnership that we both benefit from.”
– Linda Balfour, VP of Marketing, Superfeet

“My experience with the mentorship program continues to benefit my career.  Not only was my time valuable during the program, but my mentor continues to be a resource for me as I transition to my promoted role within my organization.  Her advice during the program set me up for success, and the tools I learned are priceless as I move up. My mentor is a true friend and someone I feel that I can be vulnerable and honest and know what I hear back from her is truth and objective.”
– Meg Fogg, Co-Owner, Alpinsales

“Because of your gracious donation, I’ve been able to gain mentorship through the Ann Krcik Professional Mentorship Program. For me, taking part in [it] has helped scale my abilities as a leader during a critical time in my company’s growth. And more than that, it’s given me another women leader I can share and learn with.”
– Gloria Hwang, Founder, Thousand

“I hadn’t seen an opportunity like the Ann Krcik Professional Mentorship Program anywhere else. I wanted to be part of a program where developing leaders are matched with proven leaders and given an opportunity to grow skills and learn from some of the best in the industry. What was interesting is that I was going through a job change at the time. I was able to work with my mentor on interview questions appropriately moving from one industry to another.”
– Elizabeth Averbeck, Director of Business Development, NPD Group

“Camber Outdoors came into mind today as I had my call with Amy Widener of Brooks Running, who is my new mentee. I was reminded of how valuable Camber Outdoors has been to me over the years.  Not only is Burton’s (amazing) CMO, Sarah Crockett, someone I got to know through Camber Outdoors, but this week I was able to bridge two very important connections at QBP and Trek through former mentees as well.”
– Josee Larocque, Senior VP of Operations, Burton

To give by mail or phone, contact us:
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Camber Outdoors is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Our Tax ID # is 61-1516017

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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