About Camber Outdoors

Camber Outdoors is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to removing barriers and providing access to women and other underrepresented groups by supporting workplaces as the vehicle of change to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces across the outdoor industry. Camber provides a growing community of corporations, nonprofits and small businesses with programs and tools that accelerate workplace systems-change. To learn more about Camber Outdoors, visit camberoutdoors.org.

Camber Survey System

We’ve partnered with a community of industry leaders and employees at all levels who are ready to move beyond promises and make progress towards building an industry as diverse as the growing community of consumers who enjoy our products every day. Data & insights provide a foundation for successful workplace DEI strategy and implementation. This report shares key findings from the CAMBER 2022 WORKPLACE DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT – Part 1: Inclusive Culture and Leadership practices which measured progress across committed Camber partners in creating inclusive cultures in workplaces across the outdoor industry. You will …. Discover insights that are shaping Camber partner DEI strategy to propel their performance Gain insights from both leadership and employee perspectives on their workplace DEI efforts Learn about the DEI progress Camber partners are experiencing in their workplaces.