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Camber Outdoors partner companies are great places to work. Turn your passion for the outdoors into a profession in the active-outdoor industries at one of these amazing companies.

Program Manager

Location: Boulder, CO

Upcoming Events

From Camber Exchanges and Pitchfest to our Webinar Series and Keynotes, Camber Outdoors’ events are designed to connect, elevate, educate, and inspire women in the active-outdoor industry.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

Upcoming Events

P: Curtis Blake


Pitchfest: Accelerating Women-Owned Businesses | Where Are They Now?

Gloria Hwang of Thousand Helmets and Emily Nielson of Dirty Gourmet talk takeaways from Pitchfest 2017, successes since the event, and big things on the horizon.

Women in the Active-Outdoor Industries | Ali Kenney

Ali Kenney of Burton Snowboard shares how she started as a financial analyst and worked her way up to VP of global strategy and insights.

Girl Trek Honors History and Health Through Underground Railroad Walk

The 100 mile walk honors Harriet Tubman’s journey and celebrates the health and happiness that walking outside brings.

Role Models

They’ve turned their passion into their profession.

Whether it’s leading groups in the backcountry or the boardroom, climbing big walls or corporate ladders, running marathons or businesses, these women are rocking it at our partner companies and changing the face of the active-outdoor industries.

P: Osprey, Dan Holz

Join the Community

With the support of our amazing community, we’ve accomplished a lot. In 2018, we’ll do even more.

Formerly the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC)


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