Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Work

Employers across the $1.1 Trillion Outdoor Recreation Economy represent more than 7.6 million jobs.  Camber Partners are a community of corporations, nonprofits and small businesses who are committed to accelerating workplace change by creating inclusive cultures, implementing equitable systems and attracting a diversity of talent to their workplaces.

Camber delivers systemic and scalable workplace DEI resources and industry-wide results.

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Our Programs

Camber provides tools to make real progress towards workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity goals. Explore our unlocked samples of selected Partner programs.

Building Block Series

Master the fundamentals in a Block-by-Block journey towards an inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace.

Voices From the Future of Work

In order to build a pipeline of diverse talent for the Outdoor Recreation Economy, Camber is hosting a series of focus groups that capture the perspectives of diverse talent.

Workplace Anti-Racism Action Agenda Progress Report

Track your progress with tailored guidance to support you in your next steps towards your DEI goals.

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Data & Insights

Measuring Impact

High-performing programs measure effectiveness with empirical data tied to relevant business outcomes and results.


The Value of Data

Assessing your activities, systems, and structures—is an essential first step in inclusion, equity, and diversity work.


Workplace Survey System 

Camber and Claremont Evaluation Center will soon deliver our two-part Camber Survey System, comprised of both our Organizational Workplace and Employee Surveys.



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Become a part of our community of 200+ organizations and 11,000+ employees actively working to increase inclusion, equity, and diversity throughout the workplaces that comprise the $887 billion Outdoor Recreation Economy.


Our Partners

Gore finds our partnership with Camber to be invaluable in guiding us as we continue our commitment of building an environment that supports fairness, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, in our communities and in the industry.

Nora StowellGlobal Sales Leader, W.L. Gore & Associates

Company’s can also donate services to Camber. QuestionPro’s free survey software for nonprofits, plays a major role in helping us keep in touch with our partners and membership. Web accessibility enhancements are available on this website thanks to our partnership with AccessiBe.